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Piggyperfect , it’s creators, owners, subsidiaries, business partners, employees, associates and all other relevant personnel, herein referred to as Piggyperfect, strive to offer its visitors the many advantages of internet technology and to provide an interactive and personalised experience. By way of this security notice, Piggyperfect provides notification that any password or other secret information transmitted via email or other electronic means is subject to the inherent insecurity that exists whilst using this medium. By using this website, you explicitly acknowledge and understand these risks and indemnify Piggyperfect from any damages arising as a result of a compromise due to electronic insecurity, either through hacking by third parties, insecure sever backup, unprotected stored email transcripts, or howsoever perpetrated.  The damages referred to in this notice include, but are not limited to, any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss involving monetary, physical, emotional, or other loss.


Updated 8th December 2008


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